Frequently Asked Questions - Federation of Teachers of Jewish Schools

Contracts of Employment

How do I know if my contract is being renewed for the next school year?

All teachers’ contracts of employment shall be for one (1) year and are automatically renewed for the following school year unless the teacher advises the school in writing by April 23rd that they do not want to come back or the school advises the teacher in writing by April 30th that the contract is not being renewed.

What documents does the school need to give me once I am hired?

A copy of the contract and a copy of the collective agreement must be given to the teacher within a month of employment. Additionally, the school must give the teacher an envelope prepared by the FTJS containing an application card for membership in the union, an application form for participation in the insurance plan, and information about rules and activities of the union.

Teacher Disciplinary Meeting

I was summoned to a meeting with an administrator for reasons of discipline. What should I do?

Any teacher summoned for reasons of discipline is entitled to be accompanied by a Federation representative. Whenever possible, teachers in disagreement with their administration should avoid meeting alone with the administration.


When do I obtain my tenure?

You normally obtain tenure when you have completed two full continuous years of employment with the School Corporation.

Sick and Personal Day

I am a new teacher in my first year. How many sick days and personal days do I have?

A teacher with less than 15 years of continuous teaching service is limited to an annual leave of absence account equivalent to 5% of their annual teaching load or 10 days equivalent to a full time teaching contract. This increases to 7.5% at 15 years or more.